A Funny One...Denver Photographer

  Here's a pretty funny photo from a recent wedding at Garden of the Gods Club in Colorado Springs...too cute!

Sometimes I get requests to do a "jumping" photo, however there always seems to be one person who is slightly off...see what I mean?  (Haha).



Never Stop Wandering - Denver Photographer

  I'm slowly going through some of my images from my trip to Southeast Asia and found this gem.  Enjoy!



A Castle Pines Country Club Engagement Session - Denver Photographer\

Meet Sarah and Joey and check out these beautiful views from the Country Club at Castle Pines!  It was a perfect Colorado afternoon for this session!  We had some great laughs and both Sarah and Joey were so comfortable in front of the camera - can't wait until the wedding day at the amazing Broadmoor!






A Beano's Cabin, Beaver Creek Wedding - Denver Photographer

Meet Erika and Mike.  You know when the wedding guests do "the Wave" while waiting for the ceremony to begin - you are in for a fun wedding!  Erika and Mike had a perfect wedding:  amazing weather, beautiful surroundings, love, laughter, some tears and most of all:  a rocking good time surrounded by the people they love!  I can't really ever remember a wedding where I wanted to dance along with everyone, it was so much fun to capture! Enjoy!

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 02

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 03

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 04

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 05

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 06

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 07

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 08

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 09

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 10

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 11

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 12

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 13


Wedding Planner:  The fabulous Jenifer Hammond of I Do Weddings and Events, Venue:  Beano's Cabin in Beaver Creek/Avon

A Wash Park Engagement Session - Denver Photographer

  Meet Jennie and Kent!  Kent surprised Jennie one night during one of their nightly dog walks at Wash Park.  He went to the park earlier in the day with chalk and wrote out their initials and a big heart on a path somewhat secluded from the main road.  Jennie was completely surprised to see their initials on the path when they came across it and was thrilled when Kent then went down on bended knee!  How romantic!

Enjoy!  Can't wait until your wedding in September!


Friends - Denver Wedding Photographer

  “A good friend is a connection to life - a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world.”  ― Lois Wyse


Meet Laura - I'm sure some of you know of Laura.  We are both photographers.  We met many years ago and, way back in the day, helped and inspired each other to grow our wedding photography businesses.  There were no on-line forums or photography groups that you could learn from like there are today - we just had each other and another dear friend - Jamee.  We were the 3 musketeers.  We would meet and talk about our businesses - our ups, downs and the challenges we had.  Jamee was the first to get married and both Laura and I photographed her wedding.  Laura was the second to get married and Jamee photographed her wedding (I was unfortunately working that day).  We were close and we still are.

I was pleasantly surprised when Laura told me she was expecting her third child!  Wow!  How life ebbs and flows!  I was fortunate to have photographed her two other pregnancies, so I insisted on this one as well!  It's amazing that no matter where the 3 of us are in our lives, we can just pick up right where we left off and not miss a beat.

To my lovely, lovely girlfriends - You are in my hearts, forever.  I love you both so dearly, words could never express how much you mean to me!

With Lots of Love!



Let's Do Shots - Headshots, That Is! Denver Photographer

  Here is a recent Headshot photo session that I did in LoDo - If you need a headshot or a few "business casual" photos, I'm your girl!




Personal Project - Heart Rocks from All Over the World

  I really like to collect things when I travel, especially natural objects!  Things that I collect are sand (yes, you read that correctly!), sea shells, beach glass and heart rocks.  I was given my very first heart rock by my step-daughter which started my collection.  Of course, that particular one is the most precious one to me!  I've now collected quite a few rocks and my "rock shelf" was overflowing, so I decided to try and display them in a little more organized fashion (I gave in to my Type A!).   I love thrifting, so I found these 2 shelves at my favorite thrift store, painted them and borrowed a glue gun and I love how they came out!  Finding a heart rock is just like finding Love (it could be right in front of your eyes if you just look for it).



denver-photographer-world-traveler-heart-rocks-01blog denver-photographer-world-traveler-heart-rocks-02

A Denver Botanic Garden Wedding - Denver Wedding Photographer

I don't know about you, but when I go shopping for a card, I have to read ALL the cards to make sure the one I pick transmits the exact feeling that I am feeling for the receiver of the card.  I go thru all the cards and if I don't find one that is PERFECT, I keep searching even if it means leaving the store empty handed.  I'm feeling the same thing about my blog posts lately.  I can tell you about how amazing each wedding day was, how much fun we had, how the day was magical.  But, in all honesty, every wedding has a bit of fairy dust sprinkled on it.  What I would like to convey more in my writings is how IMPORTANT and AMAZING love is.....The Feeling of IT - What it communicates to you and me and the world around us.  Love is INSPIRING.  So, I'll probably be quoting more love poems and quotes than actually writing about what happened at the wedding (and how awesome my clients are - everyone knows THAT already!!)

"There are four questions of value in life....What is sacred?  Of what is the spirit made?  What is worth living for?  What is worth dying for?  The answer to each is the SAME.  Only LOVE."  - Johnny Depp




Venue:  Denver Botanic Gardens, Tesunori Kawana, Stephen Talasnik

A Denver Botanic Gardens Wedding - Denver, Colorado

  “They told me that to make her fall in love, I had to make her laugh.  But everytime she laughs, I’m the one who falls in love." - Tommaso Ferraris

Meet Colleen and Joe.   I think the quote above fits them to a T.





Wedding Design and Coordination by:  Jessica Horvath Colorado Weddings by Design

Florals by:  The Perfect Petal                    Venue:  Denver Botanic Gardens



A Steamboat Springs Wedding - Fetcher Barn - Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Meet Jessica and Matt! They had their wedding at one of my favorite spots in Steamboat Springs, Fetcher Barn!  The venue is surrounded by the most amazing Colorado scenery!










A Steamboat Springs Wedding - Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Meet Liz and Adam! This wedding was a perfect fit for Steamboat Springs - laid back and fun!  The entire wedding gallery and guests had US laughing all day long!  After the dancing began, we snuck out to take a few photos during an amazing sunset!




steamboat-springs-wedding-colorado-02 steamboat-springs-wedding-colorado-03 steamboat-springs-wedding-colorado-04

A Larkspur, Colorado Wedding - Crooked Willow Farms

Meet Tiffany and Kevin! They had a gorgeous Colorado wedding at one of my favorite venues, Crooked Willow Farms.

The weather wasn't cooperating that day, so unfortunately the wedding ceremony had to be moved into Lola's Loft, which made a beautiful setting for a wedding ceremony!  After a typical Colorado afternoon shower passed by, we were outside again enjoying the lovely surroundings!



crooked-willow-farms-wedding-colorado-1 crooked-willow-farms-wedding-colorado-2

crooked-willow-farms-wedding-colorado-3 crooked-willow-farms-wedding-colorado-4



<div><iframe style="border: medium none ; background-color:FFFFFF;" src="http://www.paigeeden.com/slideshows/TiffanyandKevin/iframe.html" title="Showit Web Slideshow" frameborder="0" height="680" width="560" scrolling="no"></iframe></div>

2012 - A Year in Review - Denver Wedding Photographer, Colorado

What an amazing and insightful year 2012 was! Here are a few images from the year - so many photos taken and so many beautiful weddings, brides, grooms and families that we were lucky to meet this year!  It was hard to choose these images just in the fact that there are so many wonderful parts to a wedding - the families and friends who gather to celebrate, sometimes from thousands of miles away - the beloveds that we give our hearts, our minds and our commitments to, and let's not forget the dancing and the food and the love!   Weddings are truly amazing!

I haven't gotten to blog about half of my weddings from this year - stay tuned, enjoy and there is more to come!

Happy 2013!





Wedding Albums - Coming Full Circle - Denver, Colorado

Whew!  I can't believe it - but I am done for the year!  All my wonderful clients have come through before deadlines and all wedding albums have been ordered, photo shoots delivered and every wedding backed up! I recently delivered this gorgeous wedding album and it was fun to see the pure joy on my client's face when she looked through it, reliving and relishing those moments from her wedding day.  It really is an honor to become a witness and official "recordkeeper" of these amazing days in people's lives.  The experience of coming full circle - from planning months in advance, to photographing the wedding day, editing and post-production and then starting a whole entirely different creative experience to delivery of a keepsake that will be loved for generations to come is nothing short of amazing.

After she went home and showed her husband their wedding album, I received a text saying "Thank you for meeting today!  I LOVE our wedding book!  You're so incredibly talented...thank you so much for sharing your magic with us".  I'm the lucky one.


Featured on Couture Colorado Baby - A Colorado Style Blog

One of our favorite wedding blogs, Couture Colorado, has expanded their blogging goodness!  We are thrilled to have our work featured on Couture Colorado Baby!  One of my all-time favorite coordinators, Ashley Summers, entrusted me with photographing her newborn baby girl, Storey.  To view the photos, click on this link A Styled Shoot for Storey.  My favorite part of the shoot was, of course, Storey!  She was a pro and slept through most of the shoot.  The frame was actually a mirror that I found at a thrift store for $12.  I may have 7 years of bad luck by breaking the mirror, but I made some beautiful memories for Ashley, Phil and Storey!  Enjoy!

A Recent Favorite - Leslee and Juan at Crooked Willow Farms - Larkspur, Colorado

Here is a recent image from a wedding at one of my favorite venues, Crooked Willow Farms.  We stole a few moments away from the reception while guests were enjoying their meal to capture some really beautiful shots at sunset.  Crooked Willow Farms is a perfect venue for a wedding - offering that rustic charm, lots of space and privacy and tons of different locations for photos! Enjoy!

A Recent Favorite - Lauren and Bret's Castle Pines Country Club Wedding - Castle Rock, Colorado

  It doesn't look 25 degrees in this photo, does it?  On October 6th we had a deep freeze!  I can't remember the last time I photographed in freezing rain!  Anyway, Lauren and Bret were complete and total troopers!!!  The lighting was amazing and they braved the cold to do photos of their "first look" outside.  I am forever grateful - this image (one of many) was simply divine!


A Recent Favorite - Chris and Erin's Wedding, Golden, Colorado

  I sure need to catch up on my blogging!  Here is a recent favorite from Chris and Erin's wedding in Golden.  I loved this cute, red barn!


Destination Wedding - Crystal Springs Golf Resort, New Jersey

One of the most fun things to do is to get on a plane with all your gear, fly to another state and shoot with another photographer at venue you've never been to before.  I'm telling you - THAT IS FUN!  Here is an image that I got while shooting with Kevin at Crystal Springs Golf Resort in New Jersey.