Lindsey and Michael's Broadmoor Wedding (Part 4)

Happily, this is Part 4 of Lindsey and Michael's Broadmoor wedding - two more parts to come! What bride doesn't love the details?  Enjoy!

Lindsey and Michael's Wedding at the Broadmoor (Part 3)

Here is Lindsey and Michael's wedding ceremony at the Broadmoor- it was so beautiful and at the last minute the sun came out! Enjoy!

Lindsey and Michael's Wedding at the Broadmoor (Part 2)

Finally, Part 2 of Lindsey and Michael's Wedding at the Broadmoor!  (sorry, I went on vacation and I had industrious plans to blog when I was gone, but alas, the tropical surroundings brainwashed me into hiking and relaxation!).... Enjoy!!!

A Quote by Ansel...

You don't take a photograph, You make it... Enjoy!



A Wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

  Here is a wedding from the archives...Meet Amy and Bryce.

They had a very intimate sunset wedding at Las Ventanas.  It was awesome to catch the moon rising during the ceremony!


A Little Wedding Humor Today....

Pure Entertainment

Let's get this party started! Here are a couple of photos from the FIRST wedding I ever photographed!

Yes, it's on film...

YES, that is a soft focus filter....

YES, I still get a yard of crap from Sharon, the Bride, on how I used a soft focus filter on her wedding day.

However, if I would have passed on this opportunity, I never would have fallen in love with weddings!  I am forever grateful!



A Wedding in Wine Country

Here is a wedding from the archives!  I've decided to create a section where I can post weddings, some that have never been blogged (gasp!), from my 12 years of photographing weddings!    When I heard that Naomi would be riding a horse into the ceremony, I could not contain my excitement!  I think every wedding photographer dreams of the thought of having a bride ride a horse into the ceremony....isn't that romantic?  (And, not to mention, super cool?).... Naomi and George at the Atwood Ranch, Sonoma