What Happens at a Wedding Menu Tasting? Denver Photographer

So, you are planning your wedding and you realize about 1 million details need to be decided upon.  One of the most important factors, next to photography (of course!!!) is the wedding menu.  Where to begin?  Well, if you are getting married at the Broadmoor, about half of your worries will suddenly disappear.  I was recently invited to a tasting and I don't get to see this part of the planning for weddings, so I was eager to get schooled.  I ended up arriving at the dessert and late-night snack portion of the tasting.  Tastings can last up to 3 hours - Yes - 3 hours.  Can you imagine eating for 3 hours?   I was so impressed by the Broadmoor's entire presentation, attention to detail, the service, the food and how they treat their guests.  The chef even came out and met with the everyone and all the food details were discussed.  I sat there in awe of the knowledge of the catering manager and I couldn't believe my ears when I heard her say "do you have a recipe for that, we'd be happy to make this item directly from your recipe".  I mean, seriously - who does that?  Well, now you know. Enjoy!!!