A Westin Riverfront Resort Vail Wedding - Vail, Colorado - Denver Photographer Part 2 of 2

Here is Part 2 of Sarah and Trevor's wedding - the PHOTO BOOTH! We laughed all night long and it was so fun to edit these photos!!!  In fact, this is a whole spread in their wedding album - how could they not include these?  Thinking about a photo booth?  My advice is to do it!  They are so fun!


westin-riverfront-vail-wedding-photobooth-1westin-riverfront-vail-wedding-photobooth-4 westin-riverfront-vail-wedding-photobooth-3 westin-riverfront-vail-wedding-photobooth-2


Meeting Mila! Denver Wedding and Portrait Photographer

  Meet Laura and la familia, with their newest addition, adorable Mila.  Honestly, it did take a few weeks to get on Laura's calendar to do this portrait session.  Can you blame her?  It's summer time and with 2 kids and a newborn, she certainly has no shortage of activities and things to do!  And, to be honest (again), I had met Mila long before - at Laura's maternity session and officially when she was about an hour old! Laura had a really specific vision for this session, mainly "I want the session in our bedroom and I want the kids to do whatever they want".  Of course, that entailed jumping on the bed, watching cartoons and lots of laughing and being goofy!  I loved how she just wanted to really capture her family just being themselves in their own sanctuary.  Reese and Owen are so fun to photograph, both very expressive in their own individual ways.  It was also hilarious (says the one who doesn't have kids) to get a shot of Laura just being a Mom, exasperatingly giving up on trying to get a photo of the 3 of them with baby Mila at the top of the stairs.  What can you do?  As I've learned and witnessed over the many years of being a photographer, when children are involved, you just have to see what you get!  I love surprises!  And, I love this family to the moon and back! Enjoy!

denver-portrait-wedding-photographer-01 denver-portrait-wedding-photographer-02

Southeast Asia Travel Photos - Denver Photographer

  I think this photo perfectly sums up Southeast Asia!  There is so much activity everywhere you go.  At first, I wasn't happy with this capture and thought I wouldn't keep it.  However, the more I look at it, the more I love it!



A Funny One...Denver Photographer

  Here's a pretty funny photo from a recent wedding at Garden of the Gods Club in Colorado Springs...too cute!

Sometimes I get requests to do a "jumping" photo, however there always seems to be one person who is slightly off...see what I mean?  (Haha).



Never Stop Wandering - Denver Photographer

  I'm slowly going through some of my images from my trip to Southeast Asia and found this gem.  Enjoy!



A Castle Pines Country Club Engagement Session - Denver Photographer\

Meet Sarah and Joey and check out these beautiful views from the Country Club at Castle Pines!  It was a perfect Colorado afternoon for this session!  We had some great laughs and both Sarah and Joey were so comfortable in front of the camera - can't wait until the wedding day at the amazing Broadmoor!






A Wash Park Engagement Session - Denver Photographer

  Meet Jennie and Kent!  Kent surprised Jennie one night during one of their nightly dog walks at Wash Park.  He went to the park earlier in the day with chalk and wrote out their initials and a big heart on a path somewhat secluded from the main road.  Jennie was completely surprised to see their initials on the path when they came across it and was thrilled when Kent then went down on bended knee!  How romantic!

Enjoy!  Can't wait until your wedding in September!


Personal Work - Denver Photographer

  One of the things that I find hugely important in my life as a "creative" is to do personal work.  The blog post before this one featured my friend and fellow photographer, Laura.   She knew that I'm trying to build my yoga portfolio so she happily offered to do a bit of yoga "posing" for me and this is what came out of it.  I'm very happy with what we created!



Let's Do Shots - Headshots, That Is! Denver Photographer

  Here is a recent Headshot photo session that I did in LoDo - If you need a headshot or a few "business casual" photos, I'm your girl!




Personal Project - Heart Rocks from All Over the World

  I really like to collect things when I travel, especially natural objects!  Things that I collect are sand (yes, you read that correctly!), sea shells, beach glass and heart rocks.  I was given my very first heart rock by my step-daughter which started my collection.  Of course, that particular one is the most precious one to me!  I've now collected quite a few rocks and my "rock shelf" was overflowing, so I decided to try and display them in a little more organized fashion (I gave in to my Type A!).   I love thrifting, so I found these 2 shelves at my favorite thrift store, painted them and borrowed a glue gun and I love how they came out!  Finding a heart rock is just like finding Love (it could be right in front of your eyes if you just look for it).



denver-photographer-world-traveler-heart-rocks-01blog denver-photographer-world-traveler-heart-rocks-02

Meet Elliott - Foster Pup - Denver Photographer

This is Elliott!  I say that very enthusiastically because he is so stinking adorable!  After I lost my Quinn last year, I've wanted to ease back in (if at all) to pet ownership.  I missed having a dog and so fostering has been fun.  It feels really good to just provide a loving and stable environment for dogs that have been mistreated!

He is as of now before I change my mind available for adoption.





I'm A Traveling Fool

  “Art flourishes where there is a sense of adventure.” ~ Alfred North Whitehead

I recently returned from a 6 week trip to Southeast Asia.  I shot over 7700 digital images and 50 rolls of film.  To try and describe the amazing wonders, sights, smells, experiences and people that I had met along the way would do a great disservice to them.  To try and describe how such a trip has affected me, as a person and an artist, would be a great disservice to myself.  All I can say, for right now, is that what an adventure it was!  There is only one thing that I am certain of - there will be more trips and adventuring in my very near future!  I have been bitten and smitten by the travel bug!

Enjoy!  More images to come!



A Family Portrait Session - Lakewood/Golden, Colorado

It's only appropriate to post some photos of a great family session from summer while there is snow on the ground!  Okay, reality is that I just got back from traveling to Southeast Asia and I'm very behind in updating my blog!

Meet Lisa, Bill and little Blake.  We had the most fun during this session running around and Blake was so curious about the tall grasses, tree bark and cozy stream.  Enjoy!


Destination Wedding - Crystal Springs Golf Resort, New Jersey

One of the most fun things to do is to get on a plane with all your gear, fly to another state and shoot with another photographer at venue you've never been to before.  I'm telling you - THAT IS FUN!  Here is an image that I got while shooting with Kevin at Crystal Springs Golf Resort in New Jersey.


Downtown Denver Engagement Session - Denver, Colorado

  Meet Sarah and Brendan!  We got right down to some fun starting at Commons Park and continuing on walking and exploring different parts of the Platte River and surrounding areas.  I loved Sarah's bright dress and knew we should head over by Elitches to check out the murals under Speer Boulevard.  I was quite happy and they were quite playful!!  Both Sarah and Brendan were into having fun and being spontaneous and, honestly - that's when the best photos happen - unplanned and relaxed!


Wedding Tip #1 - Knowing What Time the Sun Goes Down on Your Wedding Day - Denver Wedding Photographer

  I thought it would be a good idea to offer some helpful wedding photography tips to planning brides and grooms.  So, here we go!

I'm a huge fan of variety - in lighting and locations!  The more variety in both, the better!  So, when helping a bride plan her timeline for the day, I research what time sunset will be and let her know.  I suggest taking the bride and groom out of the reception to do some fun and relaxed portraits during sunset or the magic hour - which is right after sunset but before it gets completely dark.

Enjoy this beautiful sunset from a wedding in Steamboat Springs!


A Downtown Denver Engagement Session - Byron White United States Courthouse, Denver, Colorado

Meet Tiffany and Kevin.  We had a super fun engagement session all over Lodo.  We started at the Byron White Courthouse on Stout Street - had a quick cocktail at Harry's Bar in the Magnolia Hotel and then headed to Larimer Square and ended up at the Corner Office Famous yellow wall.  You know you are having fun when at the end of the session, your couple does the Worm!  Yeah!




A Breckenridge Wedding - Breckenridge, Colorado

  Meet Pamela and Steve - the had a wonderful wedding at Mountain Thunder Lodge in Breckenridge.  Pamela's father made the wedding arch and since Steve is a doctor, the Groom's cake was rather funny - anyone remember the board game "Operation"?  During the reception, a fox hung out and watched the festivities.


An Engagement Session in New York City - New York

  That is not a typo!!  I recently returned from helping a friend photograph a wedding in New Jersey at the very swanky Crystal Springs Resort.  Kevin gave me a warm New York welcome by scheduling an engagement session in the City before the weekend so we could get our creativity a kick start!  We had a blast!  We started at the High Line Park, a brand new park that was an existing freight line elevated above the street.  The transformation is unreal!  The park is modern and just a breath of fresh air!  If you are ever in NYC, I highly recommend a stroll (and some gelato!) through the High Line.


A Golden Engagement Session - Golden, Colorado

  Meet Erin and Chris!  I met Erin when I did my Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica.  They are the perfect Colorado couple - they love the outdoors!  Erin has a thing for heart rocks and, of course, we had to look for one during the session - low and behold, Chris found one and he gave Erin his "heart"...I love these two!

Can't wait for your wedding!