My FurBaby Quinn

This is Quinn - he was my baby.  Of course, I didn't actually give birth to him (haha) but he was my kid for almost 16 years.  It's been a difficult few weeks and while I would love to post about travel and weddings and happy things, my heart is aching - alas, this is real life - it's not all happy all the time - it's just REAL.

Quinn was named after the song "Quinn the Eskimo" by Bob Dylan - he was an American Eskimo after all - so how appropriate was the name?  He loved the snow and, strangely enough for the breed - loved water!  He was high strung and drove me crazy for the first years of his life - a book that I bought specifically about American Eskimos said they wouldn't "mellow out" until after turning 3.  Well, with Quinn - add another 3 or 4 more years to that.  He could run and swim for hours and take a 15 minute nap, and then run another few miles, all while barking his head off.

He had many nicknames - Quinn E Bear, my brother and sister called him "The Devil Dog" (too much energy and barking) and my ex-husband named him Poopstick.  I can't recall the naming process on that last one, but it stuck to him.  And, Quinn stuck to me - just like glue.  He had been there with me through relationships, a marriage, moving out-of-state and a very scary family health situation.  He was there and happily so.  I loved that dog!

Ah, this is so hard to write.  Deep breaths.....

Last month, my best friend left.  It was one of the hardest choices I had to make and, yeah - I did it for him though I didn't want to.  It was his time - I sure as hell wasn't ready but when are we ever ready to say goodbye?

I photographed him so much - I shot film and video and everything you can imagine.  I still have the film, undeveloped in my fridge.  It's so priceless now and still too painful.

I usually close with a happy "Enjoy" - but not this time.

Time Flies (when you are having fun!)

Well, I can definitely tell it's wedding season!  My poor blog has been neglected!  The good news is that I have a lot of really fun images to share with you, the bad news is that it seems like there is not enough time in the day to set aside for blogging!  I will do my best!

This is Meagan and Ian - their wedding took place in September, 2005!  Yes, 2005!  I have loved this image ever since their wedding and have used it extensively for my marketing and have even tried to replicate it, but failed!  The image was taken at the Denver Botanical Gardens and they have gone under major art installations and renovations since then, so this area looks drastically different!

I am honored that they chose me to photograph their wedding and continue to be thankful that they not only entrusted me with their wedding day, but I am also documenting their growing family!


Lucky Shot - Wedding Ceremony (somewhere in San Francisco)

  My really good friend John Griffin flew me out to San Francisco to second shoot with him.  He had 2 weddings that particular weekend, one in the city and one in Napa.  Honestly, I don't remember the name of the church, but the timing of this photo is so impeccable - it's been one of my favorites for years.  There is absolutely no photoshopping done to this image other than a contrast and color correction.  We could just say that I probably *should have* bought a lottery ticket that day (isn't hindsight always 20/20?).


A Cable Center Wedding - Denver, Colorado

  Meet Susie and Todd!  They had a wonderful ceremony and reception at the Cable Center!  We love how they incorporated their fur babies into the photos!!


A Denver Wedding, A Cable Center Wedding

A Denver Wedding, A Cable Center Wedding

A Denver Wedding, A Cable Center Wedding

A Denver Wedding, A Cable Center Wedding

A Phipps Mansion Wedding - Denver, Colorado

  Meet Mindy and Paul!  We had to pull this one out of the archives because the Phipps Mansion is now a private residence and not available for weddings anymore!  The mansion was beautiful, furnished with antiques and tapestries, marble and a wonderful staircase.  Everything inside took you back to another place in time.  The gardens were magnificent and you most certainly did not feel like Cherry Creek mall was 5 minutes away!



A Modern and Traditional Tea Ceremony - Denver, Colorado

I hope you like magnificent colors!  Meet Caroline and Karng!  We decided to pull this wedding out of the wedding archives because not only is it one of our favorites, but the colors and traditional accents are amazing!  For a complete description of the events taking place, here is a link to view:  Traditional Tea Ceremony.

We first started at Caroline's house where she was getting ready.  Karng and his were family were lined up outside, with Karng in front with his parents - waiting to receive the bride, presenting gifts and seeking permission to greet the bride (when the actual ceremony begins).  Caroline came down the stairs and accepted Karng's gift (a bouquet) and they were presented to the altar of ancestors, asking permission to bless them. After the ceremony at Caroline's house, we then went to Karng's house for another tea ceremony.  Traditionally fruit, cakes, roasted pig and other items are presented.  After this second ceremony, we then proceeded to go downtown for a few fun portraits and then to the reception where Caroline and Karng shared a toast with each table.



A Boulder Engagement Session Favorite!

This is from a session a while ago, however I just love the look and feel of it!


One of my Favorites....

of all time!  I can feel the anticipation, can you? Enjoy!

A Wedding in Steamboat Springs - Not Your Ordinary Wedding!

What does Fall, sake bombs, a fuzzy wedding crasher, cigars and Neil Diamond have in common?  Well, for one thing - the Gray Wedding!  The reception involved sake bombs and my brilliant second shooter, Mark Woolcott, photographed a really fun "drinking" series...Just check out the photos....I know you will feel the love after viewing this wedding!  Enjoy! at the Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts Complex:


Luxe Mountain Weddings Magazine Feature #1

We are thrilled that two of our weddings at one of our most favorite venues, Beano's Cabin, were chosen for publication in Luxe Mountain Weddings!  We worked with one of our most favorite mountain wedding planners, Jenifer Hammond of I Do Weddings Enjoy!

Beano's Cabin Wedding, Beaver Creek, Colorado

Beano's Cabin Wedding, Beaver Creek, Colorado

Bridal Shoes of 2011

Shoes Shoes Shoes!!!  What bride doesn't love shoes?  Almost as much time is spent agonizing about what color or type of shoes she will wear as is spent deciding on florals or wedding colors!  Along with seeing her wedding dress, it's always a fun surprise to see what the bride is wearing on her feet on her wedding day!  Enjoy!  

One of my Favorites of ALL TIME!

This is my favorite wedding photo of ALL TIME!

The backstory (true....I really couldn't have made this up!!!!) is that my client, Corinna, wanted to do a trash-the-dress photo shoot after her wedding.  We decided that we would do one theme for me and one theme for her.  She wanted to lay down in a river amongst some rocks and be in the water.  My theme was her lying on the back of a horse.  We both laughed at the thoughts of each others' theme, but started to brainstorm immediately on making it happen.  Corinna lined up a friend of hers who had a horse and we set to plan the date.  Done and done!

The day came, I drove up to Steamboat Springs (where Corinna lives) and upon arrival, learned that the horse person was no longer available.  Bummer!  Plan B....what Plan B?  Hmmmm, okay, let's drive up to an aspen field and then go to the river.  Okay, done.  On the way, I couldn't help but feel bummed that my vision wasn't going to happen.  Good 'ol Corinna was like "we can find a horse - this IS Steamboat Springs after all - there are horses EVERYWHERE!!!"....hahaha.  Yes, she was serious!  There WERE horses everywhere.  So, we literally drove around and saw a sign from the road saying "horseback riding" and we turned.  We pulled up to a ranch where the 2 most interesting cowboys greeted us and we excitedly told them our story about what we wanted to do and they looked at each other and said "we have the perfect horse for you" and that was it!  Literally 20 minutes later, I had my shot and was as giddy as could be.  It's true, you can make anything you want happen if you put your mind to it (especially if Corinna is your buddy!)....





I love it when bridesmaids get silly! Enjoy!

Lindsey and Michael's Wedding at the Broadmoor (Part 5)

Here is Part 5 of Lindsey and Michael's wedding at the Broadmoor....lots of fun, laughter, emotions - all the things we love to capture!  (plus one of *the* hottest dips of all time!!!) Enjoy!



A Wedding in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

  Here is a wedding from the archives...Meet Amy and Bryce.

They had a very intimate sunset wedding at Las Ventanas.  It was awesome to catch the moon rising during the ceremony!


A Little Wedding Humor Today....

Pure Entertainment

Let's get this party started! Here are a couple of photos from the FIRST wedding I ever photographed!

Yes, it's on film...

YES, that is a soft focus filter....

YES, I still get a yard of crap from Sharon, the Bride, on how I used a soft focus filter on her wedding day.

However, if I would have passed on this opportunity, I never would have fallen in love with weddings!  I am forever grateful!



A Happy Mistake

I love the Southwest, especially photographing it!  There is so much beauty hidden away if you just go off the path a bit.  Thanks to my friend John Griffin, who took me on my first trip to the Southwest where we explored Monument Valley, Santa Fe and Taos and my all time favorite, (where this image was taken), Page, Arizona.  I fell in love with the Southwest after that first trip and, as he showed me how special it is, I have in turn, shown others.  While editing, these two images appeared side-by-side and low and behold, a magical piece of art came forward.  Enjoy - and go explore!!

A Wedding in Wine Country

Here is a wedding from the archives!  I've decided to create a section where I can post weddings, some that have never been blogged (gasp!), from my 12 years of photographing weddings!    When I heard that Naomi would be riding a horse into the ceremony, I could not contain my excitement!  I think every wedding photographer dreams of the thought of having a bride ride a horse into the ceremony....isn't that romantic?  (And, not to mention, super cool?).... Naomi and George at the Atwood Ranch, Sonoma