My FurBaby Quinn

This is Quinn - he was my baby.  Of course, I didn't actually give birth to him (haha) but he was my kid for almost 16 years.  It's been a difficult few weeks and while I would love to post about travel and weddings and happy things, my heart is aching - alas, this is real life - it's not all happy all the time - it's just REAL.

Quinn was named after the song "Quinn the Eskimo" by Bob Dylan - he was an American Eskimo after all - so how appropriate was the name?  He loved the snow and, strangely enough for the breed - loved water!  He was high strung and drove me crazy for the first years of his life - a book that I bought specifically about American Eskimos said they wouldn't "mellow out" until after turning 3.  Well, with Quinn - add another 3 or 4 more years to that.  He could run and swim for hours and take a 15 minute nap, and then run another few miles, all while barking his head off.

He had many nicknames - Quinn E Bear, my brother and sister called him "The Devil Dog" (too much energy and barking) and my ex-husband named him Poopstick.  I can't recall the naming process on that last one, but it stuck to him.  And, Quinn stuck to me - just like glue.  He had been there with me through relationships, a marriage, moving out-of-state and a very scary family health situation.  He was there and happily so.  I loved that dog!

Ah, this is so hard to write.  Deep breaths.....

Last month, my best friend left.  It was one of the hardest choices I had to make and, yeah - I did it for him though I didn't want to.  It was his time - I sure as hell wasn't ready but when are we ever ready to say goodbye?

I photographed him so much - I shot film and video and everything you can imagine.  I still have the film, undeveloped in my fridge.  It's so priceless now and still too painful.

I usually close with a happy "Enjoy" - but not this time.