Friends Do Let Friends.......Colorado Photographer

  I remember meeting Laura - oh, a really long time ago!  I was shooting weddings with FILM, yes - that long ago.

We became photo friends - we talked photography, we competed for the same business, we were sounding boards in a business that had no YouTube videos and no on-line forums like there are today.  We grew, together.  Now, what does a friend do when she needs a headshot?  She phones home (haha, I had to)....

Anyway, since Laura has 3 kids now, we don't see each other as often as we'd like to - but, when we do - it's like coming home.  We pick up right where we left off.

So, friends do let friends photograph each other!  My headshot will be coming next!  Stay tuned....



One-of-a-Kind Wedding Album - Colorado Wedding Photographer

One of my favorite things to do is create one-of-a-kind keepsakes and wedding albums are a perfect example of a such an item.  One might think this is an easy task, however I equate designing all the elements of a wedding album an entirely new and challenging creative process.  There are so many things to take into consideration and, after your wedding day has come and gone - how will you tell your wedding day story?  Usually this is with a select handful of images.  Your favorites, the ones that make you relive the day.  You know what I'm talking about:  all the hugs, love, support, laughter, tears, admiration and pure joy that you felt on that very day.

My specific goal is to have the viewer feel like they were there - the images from start to finish must flow naturally and organically.  It must never feel forced.  I usually encourage my clients to select the images for their album, however I also do encourage them to let me do the selections as well - after all, I was there.  I remember the conversations happening around me, the laughter, the emotions and, most of all - the good vibes!   Once the images have been selected, a design is created based upon those selections.  Images are added or edited out to allow for a story to unfold.

The next important detail is the actual album!  You wouldn't believe what album companies offer these days!  The possibilities are endless:  photographic or museum quality papers?, hand-tooled leather or vegan?, square or landscape?, embossed cover or photo cover?, metal cover, wood cover, canvas cover or acrylic?  There are hand stitched, hand-ripped pages, gold-leaf, organic....the possibilities are impressive!  Sometimes I even get overwhelmed with the options!

Below is a wedding album that is completely unique.  It's a 16x8 album that opens TOP TO BOTTOM, not like a regular album (most albums open like a book).  Once the album is opened, it's 16x16 square.  The paper in this album is a metallic paper.  What is that, you ask?  It's a high gloss, high contrast, ultra shiny and super saturated paper.  There is nothing really out there on the market like this paper.  It's stunning and I only wish it wasn't so hard to photograph!  The cover is an acrylic "glass" looking material and the photo underneath is also printed on metallic paper.  The colors are really amazing.  The leather is a hand-tooled leather with a creative and original pattern.  Okay, see for yourself below and my hope these images speak for themselves!  I really had a hard time parting with this album, but I know my clients will love it and it will be here for many generations.


storyboardcomp001 storyboardcomp002

A Westin Riverfront Resort Vail Wedding - Vail, Colorado - Denver Photographer Part 2 of 2

Here is Part 2 of Sarah and Trevor's wedding - the PHOTO BOOTH! We laughed all night long and it was so fun to edit these photos!!!  In fact, this is a whole spread in their wedding album - how could they not include these?  Thinking about a photo booth?  My advice is to do it!  They are so fun!


westin-riverfront-vail-wedding-photobooth-1westin-riverfront-vail-wedding-photobooth-4 westin-riverfront-vail-wedding-photobooth-3 westin-riverfront-vail-wedding-photobooth-2


Wedding Albums - Coming Full Circle - Denver, Colorado

Whew!  I can't believe it - but I am done for the year!  All my wonderful clients have come through before deadlines and all wedding albums have been ordered, photo shoots delivered and every wedding backed up! I recently delivered this gorgeous wedding album and it was fun to see the pure joy on my client's face when she looked through it, reliving and relishing those moments from her wedding day.  It really is an honor to become a witness and official "recordkeeper" of these amazing days in people's lives.  The experience of coming full circle - from planning months in advance, to photographing the wedding day, editing and post-production and then starting a whole entirely different creative experience to delivery of a keepsake that will be loved for generations to come is nothing short of amazing.

After she went home and showed her husband their wedding album, I received a text saying "Thank you for meeting today!  I LOVE our wedding book!  You're so incredibly talented...thank you so much for sharing your magic with us".  I'm the lucky one.


A Wedding at Crooked Willow Farms - Larkspur, Colorado

  We can't seem to get enough of this venue!   Meet Kat and David!  They had a wonderful fall wedding at Crooked Willow last year.  Designed and Coordinated by the super talented Jessica Adler of JA Special Events.



Wedding Albums - New Studio Sample

  Here is a wedding album that we created as a Studio Sample.  The album size is a 10x10 and the design is very clean and simple.  We've already had a few clients say they love the layout!




Adorable Modern Folios

  We love these!  Handmade with love by the artisans at Cypress Albums, these are elegant and modern!  Perfect for a window, office desk or bedroom - fill with family or children portraits, weddings or whatever strikes your fancy!


12x9 Wedding Album!

We love doing wedding albums!  They are the perfect keepsake to tell your wedding story for generations to come!  Wedding albums have come a long way since your parents got married - almost anything you can imagine can be done these days!  Let us know what your perfect album would be!  Here is a recent album from Megan and Matt's June wedding.... Enjoy!