One Sweet Little Moment - Denver Wedding Photographer

  I recently saw a post in one of the photography forums asking the question "what is the number one draw for inspiration in your work?".  I had to sit there and think and, to be honest, got a little irritated with myself because I could think of a few things, but not just one.  I moved on to other posts on Facebook and promptly forgot about this one.

While editing recently, I came across this really special moment.  And then I knew.  I knew what my #1 inspiration in my own work was:  connection.  I love being connected to my clients, their families and friends.  I love witnessing their connections with each other.  I love how they trust me with these tender moments and let me into their lives to witness and record one of the most sacred things between a couple:  the forming of a new family.  They let me see them at some of their more vulnerable moments - crying with happiness (and sadness), laughing, dancing, drinking, elation and, at times, frustration.  In these moments, memories are made and I'm ever so grateful to be witnessing and recording them!