Something More....

  I don't know how my love for photography started.  I was a nerdy kid.  I liked looking at pictures in National Geographic more than I liked playing.  I loved reading.  I guess I just liked knowing that there were exotic places, people and animals "out there".....somewhere.

The more that I photograph, the more I learn about how meaningful it is - to myself and to others.  Weddings are special - no two are alike, just like every one of us.  But the significance of having all of the people who love you together in the same place for just that one day, never knowing when everyone will be together again - well, that is pretty darn meaningful.  When my Grandfather passed away, I was so thankful for the photographs - all of them.  The cheesy ones, the ones of just his hands, old and wise with the ring he never took off, the ones of him with his family looking so proud, the ones of him with this great grand nephews sticking their tongues out.  All of them became instantly irreplaceable, like crown jewels.  Recently when I knew it was time to let go of my beloved doggie Quinn, everything I took of him became a memory that I could actually see right away and remember all the good times that we had together.  And, as my former clients send me notes or I read posts on Facebook about the passing of their parents or grandparents and read about how they love that photo that I took of them dancing with their Mom or the portrait I made or the candid snapshot I took without them knowing and how this person would treasure that photo forever, deeply touches me.  It lets me know I'm doing something meaningful.  It's just not wedding photography, it's something more.

Thank you for listening.

Below, my Grandpa's hands - I look at this photo fondly and remember how he used to put on my shoes (he owned a shoe store).

And below that, my beloved Quinn, asleep with his tongue out.