A Modern and Traditional Tea Ceremony - Denver, Colorado

I hope you like magnificent colors!  Meet Caroline and Karng!  We decided to pull this wedding out of the wedding archives because not only is it one of our favorites, but the colors and traditional accents are amazing!  For a complete description of the events taking place, here is a link to view:  Traditional Tea Ceremony.

We first started at Caroline's house where she was getting ready.  Karng and his were family were lined up outside, with Karng in front with his parents - waiting to receive the bride, presenting gifts and seeking permission to greet the bride (when the actual ceremony begins).  Caroline came down the stairs and accepted Karng's gift (a bouquet) and they were presented to the altar of ancestors, asking permission to bless them. After the ceremony at Caroline's house, we then went to Karng's house for another tea ceremony.  Traditionally fruit, cakes, roasted pig and other items are presented.  After this second ceremony, we then proceeded to go downtown for a few fun portraits and then to the reception where Caroline and Karng shared a toast with each table.