A Wedding at the Sanctuary Golf Course, Sedalia, Colorado

  Meet Sylwia and James!  I just can't tell you enough about how adorable they are - individually and together!  Sylwia shared with me that she would be about 6 months pregnant by the time her wedding day rolled around and that inside of their wedding cake, the baby's sex would be revealed when they cut the cake!  How is that for a surprise!   You could feel the anticipation throughout the day!  I think Sylwia had an inkling on sex, though - since she chose a wonderful bright fushia color for her wedding colors!  Call it mother's intuition?

Not a dry eye in the house as the cake was cut and the baby's sex was revealed (a GIRL)!  After the cake cutting, James said to me that THAT EXACT MOMENT when they learned the sex of the baby was the most exciting and memorable moment of his life!