The Most Sacred Place in Hawai'i

  Here are some photos that are way overdue from my trip back home to O'ahu in November!

Welcome to the most sacred place in Hawaii.  This is Kukaniloko, known as the royal birthing stones.  This site was one of two sites set aside for the birth of royalty in Hawai'i.  There are 36 stones stones here, 18 on the left and 18 on the right.  The Ali'i (royalty) wanted their children born here for its spiritual power and only the Ali'i were allowed to set foot upon this ground.  The Hawaiians believed that the gods recognized a child born here.

I have to say when I went here, it was so peaceful.  You can *feel* this place.  The area is surrounded by tall eucalyptus trees and a sugar cane field.  It's only about 5 minutes off a main highway and it's not really marked.  It's so sacred that many people leave leis and other offerings.  When I was there, someone had left a wedding bouquet and lei - so amazing!


Travel to Hawaii

Travel to Hawaii