One of my Favorites of ALL TIME!

This is my favorite wedding photo of ALL TIME!

The backstory (true....I really couldn't have made this up!!!!) is that my client, Corinna, wanted to do a trash-the-dress photo shoot after her wedding.  We decided that we would do one theme for me and one theme for her.  She wanted to lay down in a river amongst some rocks and be in the water.  My theme was her lying on the back of a horse.  We both laughed at the thoughts of each others' theme, but started to brainstorm immediately on making it happen.  Corinna lined up a friend of hers who had a horse and we set to plan the date.  Done and done!

The day came, I drove up to Steamboat Springs (where Corinna lives) and upon arrival, learned that the horse person was no longer available.  Bummer!  Plan B....what Plan B?  Hmmmm, okay, let's drive up to an aspen field and then go to the river.  Okay, done.  On the way, I couldn't help but feel bummed that my vision wasn't going to happen.  Good 'ol Corinna was like "we can find a horse - this IS Steamboat Springs after all - there are horses EVERYWHERE!!!"....hahaha.  Yes, she was serious!  There WERE horses everywhere.  So, we literally drove around and saw a sign from the road saying "horseback riding" and we turned.  We pulled up to a ranch where the 2 most interesting cowboys greeted us and we excitedly told them our story about what we wanted to do and they looked at each other and said "we have the perfect horse for you" and that was it!  Literally 20 minutes later, I had my shot and was as giddy as could be.  It's true, you can make anything you want happen if you put your mind to it (especially if Corinna is your buddy!)....