Off Topic But Worth the Read...(oh, and make sure you watch the video)

My brother-in-law is one kick ass guy! One day he shared with me his strategies on goal setting and REACHING.  He sent me his top six steps for setting and achieving your goals:

1)  Put it to paper. It doesn’t matter how lofty your goals seem, just write them down. Be sure to set goals that add balance to your life. Set goals for every area of your life.

2)  Only set goals that excite you. You’ll need the fuel of enthusiasm to propel you toward your target.

3)  Prioritize. What do you want to tackle first? Put your goals in numerical order, from your first priority to the last.

4)  Chunk it down. Break down each goal into bite-size pieces. What do you need to DO to achieve your outcome? Be specific.

5)  Start the clock. Set deadlines for your main goals and also for the incremental pieces you identified in step three. A goal without a deadline is just wishful thinking.

And finally, take action. This is the most important component of goal achievement. You must DO something every day that moves you closer to your goal.  Remember, desire is no substitute for action. Only actions produce results.


a creepy conch reaches it's goal