Let's Get Personal....

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"..... There is a reason why I'm behind the camera.  I don't like having my photo taken - EVER.  And when I mean EVER...I really REALLY mean it.  When a photo is created - a moment is stopped in time.  There you are - in all your glory - exposed.  *Shudder-feeling-like-I'm-going-to-barf*.....When I look at a photo of myself, I definitely am uncomfortable, which leads me to my latest photo assignment!

I recently went on my first SOLO vacation and one of my "assignments" was to photograph Me, Myself and I.  I was excited about the task at hand and brought a few props with me but I was secretly hoping that I would meet someone who would let me photograph THEM - but, alas...I sucked it up and did it.

It was an eye opening experience.  I know how my clients feel when the camera is on THEM and how they become the center of attention.  It's a definite challenge to have a camera pointed at you!  What did I learn.....I don't need make up to feel beautiful.  I trusted myself to be open to the experience and just accept the images as they were - a moment in time, a woman having fun splashing around in the ocean being blown around by the wind.  All in all, I had fun and that was the the only goal!