About Paige

I’ve been working on my craft ever since I became curious about photography in my early 20’s. I was always enthralled with National Geographic growing up and I easily became obsessed with photography when I was handed an old camera. Why did some photos come out and not others? What were the knobs and numbers for? How does this actually work?

When the opportunity came to actually receive an education in photography, I jumped all in! I guess the rest is history because now, for over 20 years, photography – telling personal stories through creative images – has been my passion. 

I grew up in Hawaii which gave me the opportunity to interact with many different cultures, meet a lot of interesting people and be immersed in natural beauty.  As a result, I became fascinated by capturing the nuances of life and became a self-taught photographer.  After moving to Colorado, I studied photography at the Colorado Institute of Art, graduating with an Associates Degree and making photography my official calling in life.

While I enjoy many types of photography, techniques and colorful subject matter, my main focus is photographing weddings.  Because of a wedding’s significance, it is the perfect culmination of emotion, spirit, joy and substance.


Every client and wedding is unique!!

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We call Colorado our home, but happily travel ANYWHERE!

We call Colorado our home, but happily travel ANYWHERE!

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