A Wedding at the Broadmoor - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Have a quick peek at Sarah and Joey's Wedding day at the Broadmoor - their day was filled with beautiful, heartfelt moments, loving family and friends and magazine-worthy design details!






broadmoor-comp006 broadmoor-comp007



Wedding Planning:  Celebrations by Maggie

Event Design & Florals:  Denver Design Works

A Wedding Rehearsal Dinner - Sarah and Joey at the Broadmoor - Colorado Springs, Colorado

I absolutely love photographing Wedding Rehearsal Dinners!  This gives me a chance to meet the bride and groom's immediate and extended families, the wedding party and - most of the time - the wedding officiant.  I get to put names, faces and relationships together along with the fact that both families and the wedding party do get to know me a little bit.  It helps provide an extra level of comfort and enjoyment for everyone on the wedding day!

Here are a few photos from Sarah and Joey's Wedding Rehearsal Dinner at the Broadmoor:




A Broadmoor Wedding - Colorado Springs, Colorado - Denver Photographer

Meet Caley and Jesse - they had a wonderful wedding at the Broadmoor! Right before their sparkler exit, we had a little fun with the sparklers!


Love-Caley and Jesse-blog


A Wedding at Planet Bluegrass, Lyons, Colorado - Denver Wedding Photographer

Meet Gaby and Mike!  These two had the most delightful wedding at Planet Bluegrass. We're so thrilled to report that their wedding will be featured in an upcoming Colorado Real Weddings issue by the Knot! Enjoy! planet-bluegrass-wedding-01 planet-bluegrass-wedding-02 planet-bluegrass-wedding-03 planet-bluegrass-wedding-05 planet-bluegrass-wedding-04 planet-bluegrass-wedding-06 planet-bluegrass-wedding-07   Wedding Style and Design (they plan EVERYTHING!):  Ashley Nicole Events

A Wedding at the Garden of the Gods Club, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Meet Kate and Joe!  One of the first things I recall about meeting Kate was thinking "wow, we are going to be good friends".  Kate was kind, funny and very relaxed about her wedding.  In fact, so relaxed and fun that I noticed everyone that she came into contact with said the same thing about Kate - that they considered her not only a client, but a friend. Kate loved the movie Mama Mia and so she brought in many accents from the movie to her wedding day including some yummy Limoncello at her reception.  They wanted their guests to see all the beauty that Colorado had to offer, so choosing the Garden of the Gods Club was an easy choice.  Deer frequently walk thru the property and you can't beat the view.


garden-of-the-gods-wedding-01 garden-of-the-gods-wedding-02 garden-of-the-gods-wedding-03

Wedding Planning and Coordination:  The amazing Stephany with SK Events

Florals by Twigs and Posies


A Wedding at the Seawell Ballroom, Downtown Denver - Colorado Wedding Photographer

One thing that you learn in the business of weddings is that each wedding is truly unique!  I know that sounds like a total cliche', but it's so very true!  Little did I know that I would be hearing Arrested Development quotes here and there (and even witness a chicken dance), it was quickly revealed that the bridal party was full of entertainment!  Not only were they hilarious and fun - but breaking into random quotes and songs was par for the wedding day course!  We loved it! Sarah and David were surrounded by emotional and touching moments with their closest friends and family but also great moments of fun and silliness!  What more could you ask for on your wedding day?  We had a blast!  Thanks for having us there!


seawell-ballroom-denver-wedding-001 seawell-ballroom-denver-wedding-002 seawell-ballroom-denver-wedding-003 seawell-ballroom-denver-wedding-004 seawell-ballroom-denver-wedding-005 seawell-ballroom-denver-wedding-006



Seawell Grand Ballroom, Colorado Weddings by Design, Delilah's of Denver

A Wedding Weekend in Colorado - Rehearsal Dinner at Tamayo for Starters - Denver Wedding Photographer

Colorado has been a destination wedding spot for many years - blending a scenic urban location and the great outdoors.  You can literally drive 30 minutes outside of downtown Denver and see wildlife and be surrounded in nature.  Many of my clients have either grown up here, attended college and met their significant others here or have wonderful memories of family vacations here. Sarah and David planned their wedding weekend from afar and decided to begin their weekend festivities with great family, friends and great food at Tamayo.  I love photographing rehearsal dinners for many reasons - however, most significantly, I just love seeing family and friends come from far away places to be reunited with the ones they care for!  I love seeing people catch up with each other, reconnect and, of course - the hugs!


tamayo-denver-rehearsal-dinner-001 tamayo-denver-colorado-wedding-photographer-002


One-of-a-Kind Wedding Album - Colorado Wedding Photographer

One of my favorite things to do is create one-of-a-kind keepsakes and wedding albums are a perfect example of a such an item.  One might think this is an easy task, however I equate designing all the elements of a wedding album an entirely new and challenging creative process.  There are so many things to take into consideration and, after your wedding day has come and gone - how will you tell your wedding day story?  Usually this is with a select handful of images.  Your favorites, the ones that make you relive the day.  You know what I'm talking about:  all the hugs, love, support, laughter, tears, admiration and pure joy that you felt on that very day.

My specific goal is to have the viewer feel like they were there - the images from start to finish must flow naturally and organically.  It must never feel forced.  I usually encourage my clients to select the images for their album, however I also do encourage them to let me do the selections as well - after all, I was there.  I remember the conversations happening around me, the laughter, the emotions and, most of all - the good vibes!   Once the images have been selected, a design is created based upon those selections.  Images are added or edited out to allow for a story to unfold.

The next important detail is the actual album!  You wouldn't believe what album companies offer these days!  The possibilities are endless:  photographic or museum quality papers?, hand-tooled leather or vegan?, square or landscape?, embossed cover or photo cover?, metal cover, wood cover, canvas cover or acrylic?  There are hand stitched, hand-ripped pages, gold-leaf, organic....the possibilities are impressive!  Sometimes I even get overwhelmed with the options!

Below is a wedding album that is completely unique.  It's a 16x8 album that opens TOP TO BOTTOM, not like a regular album (most albums open like a book).  Once the album is opened, it's 16x16 square.  The paper in this album is a metallic paper.  What is that, you ask?  It's a high gloss, high contrast, ultra shiny and super saturated paper.  There is nothing really out there on the market like this paper.  It's stunning and I only wish it wasn't so hard to photograph!  The cover is an acrylic "glass" looking material and the photo underneath is also printed on metallic paper.  The colors are really amazing.  The leather is a hand-tooled leather with a creative and original pattern.  Okay, see for yourself below and my hope these images speak for themselves!  I really had a hard time parting with this album, but I know my clients will love it and it will be here for many generations.


storyboardcomp001 storyboardcomp002

A Wedding at The Country Club at Castle Pines - Castle Rock, CO

Meet Lauren and Bret.  Lauren sparkles and Bret adores her. Mutual friends set them up and Lauren hilariously recalls "I almost didn't go through with it but my Dad encouraged me to go meet Bret.  When Bret opened the door, well - that was the end of that!".  Funny how those things happen!

We planned for some amazing portraits at The Country Club at Castle Pines because the views were so stunning.  However, on their wedding day, the weather had other ideas.  Unfortunately, we had freezing rain and very low temps, but Lauren and Bret were troopers and braved the elements for some stunning portraits!

A beautiful ceremony was officiated by Reverend Cynthia James from Mile Hi Church.

We continued to get lots of photo treats - Bret's groomsmen performed acoustically and received lots of cheers and "bravos" but Lauren brought down the house with her rendition of "At Last" by Etta James!  The entire venue roared with applause and too many "bravos" to count!  Of course, Bret couldn't take his eyes off of her the entire time!

Cheers (and many BRAVOS) to Lauren and Bret for a happy and everlasting marriage!














A Clear Creek History Park Wedding - Golden, Colorado

First, a poem!  I am always collecting words that inspire me and also make my heart feel full.  I love this one:

“In this world there is always one person waiting for another, be it in the middle of a desert or in the middle of a big city.

And when those people pass each other and their eyes meet, past and future lose all importance, and the only thing that exists is that moment and the incredible certainty that everything under the sun

was written by the same Hand, the Hand that awakens Love, and that makes a twin soul for everyone who works, rests and seeks treasure under the sun.

Without this our human dreams would make no sense.”

I first met Erin in Costa Rica!  She was my roommate when I went to Costa Rica to get my yoga certification.  We became quick pals and learned that we both collected heart rocks and had small collections from around the globe.  She talked a lot about her boyfriend, Chris and she was so excited because he was coming out to Costa Rica to meet up with her after the 30 day training ended.  We shared a few hilarious times together - briefly:  our other roommate who talked, laughed and yelled in her sleep (LOVE YOU, Francine!), being awoken at 2am by a huge hissing cockroach that somehow got inside her mosquito net, while using the bathroom, having a giant lizard fall from the ceiling almost on top of her head, and while walking back to our bungalow after dinner in the jungle (in pitch black darkness with only our headlamps) screaming at the top of our lungs when the property's dogs came trampling through the forest (and, on another walk home, screaming again when a horse appeared).  I could go on and on!  It was one of the best trips of my life and I was so fortunate to share it with Erin!

During the yoga training, Erin showed me a photo of Chris.  It was on her phone, so it was kinda small, but I could see he was a tall white guy with brown hair.  Fast forward to the day after yoga graduation.  We were leaving our jungle sanctuary to go into the nearest town to stay in a hostel for a few days and we were craving some major necessities:  namely chocolate, wine, sushi, french fries and beer (not necessarily in that order).  Erin was staying with us and was looking forward to having Chris meet us in town - a mere 5 hour bus ride from San Jose.  Unfortunately, Chris' flight was cancelled, which meant he also missed his connection.  Erin was frantically trying to reach him and get information but because he was trying to find other ways to get to Costa Rica, the communication between them was hit or miss.  Erin was so sad - she just wanted to see Chris so badly!  The day after he was set to arrive, she was hoping that he would magically show up.  It had been 24 hours since Chris was to have arrived in Costa Rica.  We spent the day at the beach, hoping that she would hear something soon!  Francine and I decided to go back to the hotel and on the way, passed a nearby bus stop.  There was this tall guy with brown hair kind of wandering aimlessly and I was thinking "I think that's Erin's boyfriend"...So, I said to Francine kind of loudly "Hey, doesn't that guy look like Erin's boyfriend?" and he heard me and ran over and said "Yes, I'm Erin's boyfriend - I haven't had any sleep yet and I went to the hostel and she isn't there - do you know where she is?".  I couldn't believe our luck!  I was so happy and especially so excited to see their reunion!  So, we led Chris to Erin on the beach and Erin ran up to him and jumped on him!

Okay, fast forward another 2 days and we saw Chris and Erin a few times, but they were doing their own thing.  And then...on the day that I left, I saw Erin and she said that Chris proposed!!

And here we are:

colorado-golden-wedding-01 colorado-golden-wedding-02 colorado-golden-wedding-03 colorado-golden-wedding-04- colorado-golden-wedding-05 colorado-golden-wedding-06 colorado-golden-wedding-07 colorado-golden-wedding-08 colorado-golden-wedding-09


A Donovan Pavilion Wedding - Vail, Colorado

Finally I am back to blogging after a very busy summer and fall! You know how there are weddings where there isn't a dry eye in the house?  Well, this is NOT one of them.  Let me elaborate - with this wedding - THERE WAS NEVER A DULL MOMENT!

Meet Kyle and Erica.  I knew upon meeting Kyle and Erica that I would be laughing all day long with them and wondering if I should take anything Kyle said seriously.  He was *that* funny!  And, when they revealed that when they would be pronounced husband and wife, they were going to be doing Irish Car Bomb shots - I knew that I had to photograph this wedding!  I honestly loved the light-hearted hilariousness that ensued all day!












Venue:  Donovan Pavilion   Wedding Planner:  Johnna with Distinctive Mountain Events

A Westin Riverfront Resort Vail Wedding - Vail, Colorado - Denver Photographer Part 2 of 2

Here is Part 2 of Sarah and Trevor's wedding - the PHOTO BOOTH! We laughed all night long and it was so fun to edit these photos!!!  In fact, this is a whole spread in their wedding album - how could they not include these?  Thinking about a photo booth?  My advice is to do it!  They are so fun!


westin-riverfront-vail-wedding-photobooth-1westin-riverfront-vail-wedding-photobooth-4 westin-riverfront-vail-wedding-photobooth-3 westin-riverfront-vail-wedding-photobooth-2


A Westin Riverfront Resort Vail Wedding - Vail, Colorado - Denver Photographer Part 1 of 2

Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand - Mark Twain

Meet the wonderful Sarah and Trevor!  They planned a fun mountain wedding at the Westin Riverfront Resort in Vail assisted by Taylor of Frosted Pink Weddings.  If you know Sarah and Trevor, the day started with casually easing in to the wedding preparation and with lots of laughing!   Little did I know what fun lay ahead - that would be part 2 of the wedding, coming up in another post! Enjoy - and keep on laughing!


westin-riverfront-resort-vail-wedding-02 westin-riverfront-resort-vail-wedding-03



A Crooked Willow Farms Wedding - Larkspur, Colorado (Denver Photographer)

  "Love me and the world is mine." - David Reed

Meet Leslee and Juan.  They had a wonderful wedding at Crooked Willow Farms!  I loved how fun they were and how Juan calls Leslee "dude"!  Their first look was so touching, Leslee just stood there and stared and Juan for a long time.  Can't get much cuter!  These two were meant to be!








crooked-willow-farms-06 crooked-willow-farms-07

Venue:  Crooked Willow Farms, Wedding Planning and Coordination by Maggie Moran of Celebrations by Maggie, Event Design by Design Works


A Funny One...Denver Photographer

  Here's a pretty funny photo from a recent wedding at Garden of the Gods Club in Colorado Springs...too cute!

Sometimes I get requests to do a "jumping" photo, however there always seems to be one person who is slightly off...see what I mean?  (Haha).



A Beano's Cabin, Beaver Creek Wedding - Denver Photographer

Meet Erika and Mike.  You know when the wedding guests do "the Wave" while waiting for the ceremony to begin - you are in for a fun wedding!  Erika and Mike had a perfect wedding:  amazing weather, beautiful surroundings, love, laughter, some tears and most of all:  a rocking good time surrounded by the people they love!  I can't really ever remember a wedding where I wanted to dance along with everyone, it was so much fun to capture! Enjoy!

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 02

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 03

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 04

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 05

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 06

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 07

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 08

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 09

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 10

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 11

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 12

colorado-mountain-wedding-beanos-cabin 13


Wedding Planner:  The fabulous Jenifer Hammond of I Do Weddings and Events, Venue:  Beano's Cabin in Beaver Creek/Avon

A Wash Park Engagement Session - Denver Photographer

  Meet Jennie and Kent!  Kent surprised Jennie one night during one of their nightly dog walks at Wash Park.  He went to the park earlier in the day with chalk and wrote out their initials and a big heart on a path somewhat secluded from the main road.  Jennie was completely surprised to see their initials on the path when they came across it and was thrilled when Kent then went down on bended knee!  How romantic!

Enjoy!  Can't wait until your wedding in September!


A Denver Botanic Garden Wedding - Denver Wedding Photographer

I don't know about you, but when I go shopping for a card, I have to read ALL the cards to make sure the one I pick transmits the exact feeling that I am feeling for the receiver of the card.  I go thru all the cards and if I don't find one that is PERFECT, I keep searching even if it means leaving the store empty handed.  I'm feeling the same thing about my blog posts lately.  I can tell you about how amazing each wedding day was, how much fun we had, how the day was magical.  But, in all honesty, every wedding has a bit of fairy dust sprinkled on it.  What I would like to convey more in my writings is how IMPORTANT and AMAZING love is.....The Feeling of IT - What it communicates to you and me and the world around us.  Love is INSPIRING.  So, I'll probably be quoting more love poems and quotes than actually writing about what happened at the wedding (and how awesome my clients are - everyone knows THAT already!!)

"There are four questions of value in life....What is sacred?  Of what is the spirit made?  What is worth living for?  What is worth dying for?  The answer to each is the SAME.  Only LOVE."  - Johnny Depp




Venue:  Denver Botanic Gardens, Tesunori Kawana, Stephen Talasnik

A Denver Botanic Gardens Wedding - Denver, Colorado

  “They told me that to make her fall in love, I had to make her laugh.  But everytime she laughs, I’m the one who falls in love." - Tommaso Ferraris

Meet Colleen and Joe.   I think the quote above fits them to a T.





Wedding Design and Coordination by:  Jessica Horvath Colorado Weddings by Design

Florals by:  The Perfect Petal                    Venue:  Denver Botanic Gardens



A Steamboat Springs Wedding - Fetcher Barn - Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Meet Jessica and Matt! They had their wedding at one of my favorite spots in Steamboat Springs, Fetcher Barn!  The venue is surrounded by the most amazing Colorado scenery!