A Wedding Weekend in Colorado - Rehearsal Dinner at Tamayo for Starters - Denver Wedding Photographer

Colorado has been a destination wedding spot for many years - blending a scenic urban location and the great outdoors.  You can literally drive 30 minutes outside of downtown Denver and see wildlife and be surrounded in nature.  Many of my clients have either grown up here, attended college and met their significant others here or have wonderful memories of family vacations here. Sarah and David planned their wedding weekend from afar and decided to begin their weekend festivities with great family, friends and great food at Tamayo.  I love photographing rehearsal dinners for many reasons - however, most significantly, I just love seeing family and friends come from far away places to be reunited with the ones they care for!  I love seeing people catch up with each other, reconnect and, of course - the hugs!


tamayo-denver-rehearsal-dinner-001 tamayo-denver-colorado-wedding-photographer-002